And the winner is..


Congratulations Chuck! Our 2010 TMG Artist of the Year!

Each of the performers did a wonderful job! It was a great show!

Looking forward to what the year will bring for all of these guys! Way to go!


The Second Annual Tate Music Group Artist of the Year Contest is being held this Friday, February 26, in Oklahoma City! You can tune in to the live stream beginning at 7pm CST at our home page: www.tatemusicgroup.com. Or we'd love to see you in person!

Tune in or stop by to see Clay Crosse as our emcee! He'll perform and we'll find out which of our top three artists will walk away with $15,000 in cash, and more!!

The contest will be held in downtown Oklahoma City in the Sandridge Auditorium (Skyline Church). The address is 123 Robert S Kerr. (Here's a map.) You may choose to park on the streets surrounding the building (street parking is free in the evenings after 6pm). There is also a parking garage available off Dean McGee between Broadway and Robinson.

See you Friday!


TMG Artist of the Year UPDATE

The votes have been counted! The top 3 finalists will be traveling to OKC here in just a few weeks to perform in front of a live audience to find out who will be come the TMG Artist of the Year 2010!

Here's the list of performers and a link to their winning songs!

If you can't make it to the show, be sure to tune into the live performance online at tatemusicgroup.com!


TMG Artist of the Year 2010

Well the voting is finished, who will it be? Out of hundreds of submissions, 10 finalists were chosen to narrow down to the top 3, who will be performing before a live audience on Feb. 26. Those 3 lucky people or bands have an opportunity to win some pretty sweet prizes! The top 3 should be announced this week, so keep your ears open and see if it was the one you voted for!

Good luck to all the contestants!


Photo Shoots Now Available with TMG Contract!

You heard it right! TMG is now offering a FREE photo shoot with an on-staff photographer when you come to our studios to record! This is a GREAT tool for many reasons:

1) There's no question that the quality of the photos will be high enough for print. We use professional quality Canon EOS Digital Camera with models ranging from XT to XSi.

2) You don't have to pay out of pocket for a photographer, so you have more money to spend on product that you will be selling.

3) You can purchase packages of the photos to use for your personal marketing purposes.

Your photo shoot is included in your contract with TMG. You can take advantage of the photo shoot if you plan on coming to our studios to record. Your photo shoot will be scheduled the same week you are here, and will normally be on the last day that you are here.

Your photographer will contact you at the beginning of the month that you are scheduled to be here to discuss any ideas or themes you had for the photo shoot. If you don't have any, they can help you decide what direction to take. They will also let you know the appropriate attire to wear and any props that you may want to bring.

Oklahoma weather is both good and bad for a photographer. When it cooperates, it makes for a great shoot. When it doesn't, Plan B is in full swing. We prefer to do shoots on location, but we also have a photography studio that will accommodate us even if the weather doesn't.

If you have any questions regarding this great new offer, send me an email at lynly@tatepublishing.com, or leave a reply to this post. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

We are looking forward to working with you!


We've Moved!

We are finally moved in and working hard in our brand new facilities! Below are some photos of our new space. Hopefully you will get to visit TMG and check out the place!

This is Melissa, my office mate, enjoying our new office!

TMG studios, in progress

TMG Artist Lounge

Steven's office

TMG Studio with producers Jameson and Houston, rocking out on the guitar

Our beautiful kitchen complete with 2 microwaves and a fridge!

The Multimedia department hard at work.

Multimedia wall of art

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour of our new facilities!


TMG Signs Songwriter Regie Hamm

Check out the most recent blog from our president, Ryan Tate, as he introduces one of our newest additions to TMG, singer/songwriter Regie Hamm!

You may have heard of Hamm from the popular show, American Idol. He penned the song that AI winner David Cook sang in the finale.

You can watch the video I took of Regie while at our offices, performing the AI hit song, "Time of My Life", one of many #1 radio hits for Hamm.


Hamm will be a great addition to the TMG line up and we are looking forward to a bright future! Welcome to the Tate family!