Have you heard?

 I am excited about album design. 


Because I love music. Music is so multifaceted and far-reaching, able to break down barriers and join people together. Listening to music, really listening to it, helps me understand the heart that created it. Hearing and feeling the  joy, celebration and peace, even the tears and heartache, that went into creating the sounds I hear is inspiring to me. When I can place myself in their shoes, it makes it all the more real. When an artist tells me what they went through personally to make their music, I can understand where they are coming from when I listen.

I also love design. If I can combine the two, music and design, it just doesn't get any better. It is my ultimate goal to create a design that enhances the artist and their art. Something they can be proud of. Something they are not afraid to put their face on. Something that will stand out and be bold.

The Tate Music Group Design Department wants you to know that we don't take your music lightly. We listen to it, design around it, and we compliment the music with a design that is marketable and fresh. No more Word Art cd labels! We want you to stand out, to be noticed, and to be heard. 

You have a story to tell and a song to sing. Let us help you shine.

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