FAQ volume one for Tate Music Group Design

Occasionally I will get repeat questions here and there. We all get them, right? Just comes with the territory of knowing your trade. Instead of creating one big blog with all the questions I've ever gotten (because, quite frankly, there have not been many), I will post them individually as I get asked more often. 

The first question that I feel has come up on more than one occasion is: 

"What type of camera can I use?"

To be honest, this can be a little tricky. My first response, and request, to any artist is to visit a professional photographer, instead of trying to do them yourself. Like I mentioned in my previous post, they know how to make you look good!

But, what if you have a fairly decent camera of your own? Can you do it yourself? Possibly. 

All photos that we use for print must be at 300dpi or greater, and measure at least 4"x6". They can be submitted either in jpg, tiff or pdf format.

I would recommend using an digital SLR camera, such as Canon or Nikon. These high-end cameras have the ability to take photos that are large and clear. The more pixels, the better. I personally own a Canon Rebel XSi and I love it! I get crystal clear shots that I can manipulate without losing quality. The variety of settings lets me get photos in formats of whatever I need.

I also have a Canon PowerShot SD1000 that I carry around with me for quick shots of random things I see. Some cameras like these (nearly everyone has their own personal digital camera now) have the capability of taking higher resolution photos, but you would need to consult your owner's manual to review the settings in order to get the proper shot. Even still, a photo taken on one of these may not work for print for a variety of reasons.

And last but not least, I have my iPhone camera, which has surprisingly good quality considering it is primarily a phone. However, no photo from that camera could be used for print. The image size is much too small and the resolution much too low to print properly. But it sure is fun to use it! I recently found an app called CameraBag that can do some pretty awesome stuff to your simple photos taken on the iPhone. Take a look at some of my creations:
 My dogs, Chloe and Roxy using the the Lolo setting.

A bear at the St. Louis using the 1974 setting. 

My husband with our nephew using the Helga setting.

The iPhone camera is pretty great, but enough about that. We can't use those for print! 

Again, you can't go wrong with a professional, but if you have the means to take high quality photos yourself, try it out and see what you get. If you're unsure, you can send it to me, I will let you know if it's usable.

Speaking of professional, I've got to give props to my personal choice of photographer, Angel Porch of Art and Soul Photography. She is amazing and I love her work. Check her out here. She lives here in Oklahoma but she is available for travel anywhere!

Happy shooting!

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