Not quite sure what it is about the holiday season, but it makes me want to go to the movies! As well as eat amazing food until I'm sick and spend time with my family. It's such a great season of love and all things good. I just love it.

But what I really love....Movies! Here are three that I am really looking forward to!

The Road | Written by Cormac McCarthy | Adapted by Joe Penhall | Directed by John Hillcoat

This is one of the most phenomenal books I've ever read. The classic human tragedy that will tear your heart out but won't let you stop reading. I sure hope the movie does justice to the book.

Watchmen | Written by Alan Moore & David Gib
bons | Adapted by Sam Hamm | Directed by Zack Snyder

The first time I saw this trailer, it freaked me out! I didn't want to see it. Since then, I've seen it five or so times and every time I see I, I want to see the movie more. It's compelling and intriguing. I don't know what the story line is, but the graphic work looks incredible! 

Australia | Written & Directed by Baz Lurman

I love epic movies such as these. Reminds me 
of Far and Away (also starring Nicole Kidman), a personal favorite. Cinematography looks divine, courtesy of Baz Lurman, who also directed Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge. He has an amazing eye for artful cinema.

Enjoy the show!

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