Tate Music Group Design Process and Upcoming Releases

Long time, no blog! Wow, what a month! Finished up quite a few Tate Music Group albums this month and they'll be hitting the market in no time. I am so excited to see where they go. Congrats to you all! I had the pleasure of working with Willie Blake Davis on his upcoming album, Foundation Solid. He had some great photos taken beforehand, with his personal photographer, and they turned out great! Makes my job easy! Take a look at what we finalized, there on the right.

So what exactly HAPPENS in the design process, you ask?

It is a fun process! I love to hear artists' ideas for their artwork, and be able to incorporate them in the design. They know their art and it is my honor to to put a face to it. Here's what I do:

  1. I find out who's finished with recording and mastering process and I track down all the info I can on them so that I am fully prepared. 
  2. I send my initial email to each artist that I am working with for the month. I tell them what I do and what they can expect during the month. I also ask for any photos they may have (if they hadn't been sent previously) and for their lyrics and thank yous. I need all of this stuff before I can get started! Example: I compare it to baking: you wouldn't start mixing the ingredients without the milk or eggs! They are the staples, as are the photos and lyrics. Without them, we are at a standstill.
  3. After I get all the files I need, I listen to the music, to get the feel and audience appeal. Once I feel confident in the direction, I either (a.) look for images that would suit the music, or (b.) arrange the artist's photos in any intriguing, marketable way that is catching and suitable. 
  4. Once I get the imagery situated, I add the type. I play with a bunch of different variations in type to find the very best one(s), those that are legible, suitable and appealing.
  5. After that, I narrow down the cover options to the very best 3-5 designs, and I send those to the artist for their review. We decide on a cover before we complete the rest of the artwork.
  6. When they get back to me, we make a few tweaks here and there, until we get it exactly right. I like to hear their suggestions and enjoy it when I can incorporate them. Sometimes it doesn't always happen, but it's always great when it does. That's the Tate Publishing partnership at work!
  7. After they have approved a cover, I move on to designing the rest of the artwork: insert, intray and disc label. I love the creativity that can flow during this part. It's great to see the continuity that follows throughout the packaging.
  8. After all that is done, I send them to the artist for review. We tweak and edit if needed, and then they approve.
  9. And finally...OFF TO PRINT! 
Tate Music Group artists are encouraged to be apart of each step of the process, and to give feedback at every turn. We partner with you to create the album you've dreamed about for years. We want you to be completely satisfied with your product, and your experience in our business. For more info, visit our website. Our acquisitions staff are looking forward to hearing YOU!

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