TMG Artist Spotlight: Pieces of Influence

This week on the artist spotlight, we feature a band who is tearing up the stage with their rocking performances. Pieces of Influence is set to hit stores this February and they guarantee to rock!

1. When did you begin singing/performing?
I began as a self-taught guitarist at the age of 14, playing in front of an audience at the "Ye Old Whaler" in Easton, MD at the age of 15.

2. What inspired you to begin singing/performing?
I used to listen to Kiss albums in my bedroom and play fake guitar with a tennis racket all day and night probably as early as the age 11, but I think I was truly inspired by my grandfather, Perry Clark, who use to visit us and bring his guitar to play. I remember sitting on his lap while he would play and I was so small I could barely get my little arms over the top of his big Gibson E-S models.

3. What kind of hurdles, if any, did you have to go through to be where you are today?
Hurdles?!!!...wow, life has been been one huge hurdle but the biggest I believe was raising my children and sacrificing a music career in order to do that. Once grown, I could pursue my music again and the persistence proved to pay off.

4. What would you tell other aspiring artists about the music/recording scene?
It's tough. You have to be willing to ACCEPT criticism and make room for change and remember that music is like this: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? Sure it does, just no one can HEAR IT. Your music always starts as just that..so be willing to let people tell you what they want to hear and adapt to that, if you want to be heard. Don't be that tree that fell and no one was around to hear your noise.

5. How would you describe your musical style?
Musical style? [I would] describe that as "MINE".

6. What has been your most embarrassing moment singing/performing in front of an large audience?
One time on New Years Eve, I was rockin' out on stage and stepped backwards, tripping over the drum riser, landing flat on my back while taking out a couple of cymbal stands on the way. And since I was the only guitarist in a 3 piece band, I couldn't stop playing, and proudly never missed one note!!!

7. Do you prefer the studio or the stage? Why?
I froth at the mouth for both. But I have to say it's a 2-part process for me. One goes hand in hand with the other. As an artist, the studio is my laboratory, it's where I love to work and create. Usually I write stuff "on the spot" as everything just comes together, and then I use the stage as my playground where I can display all the hard work that went into the creation and just have a lot of fun with it.

8. Have you started writing your next album?
[We] already have 75% of the next album written and still coming up with new material everyday. Now its just a matter of piecing it all together. The band is recording a song called "Figured It Out" in AMI Studios on February 17th.

9. Do you have any gigs lined up in the near future? If so, where?
[We have a] cd release party at The Greene Turtle in Easton, MD on 3/27/09 and our agent, Guy Nelson of WhyteBeard Productions, is putting together a tour immediately following that. We'll travel as far north as New York, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and he has put us in for an overseas tour performing for our troops....WOW!!!

10. What is your website address or contact info, where people can find more info?
www.piecesofinfluence.com (under construction)

Thank you for your interest!


Thanks, Tod!

Be sure to check out Pieces of Influence's new album, Unspoken Voices, from TMG Studios, set to hit stores February 24, 2009!

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