The TMG Design Process

Here is a glimpse into what you can expect during the Production Process of your time with TMG!

When You Have Begun the Production Phase

• You will be asked to send in any and all materials that you intend to use on the album. You will need to send any and all artwork-related material to me (artwork@tatepublishing.com) for review. These materials must be sent to me for approval before the rest of production can begin.

• These materials could include photos, pre-designed artwork, or ideas for artwork. Please note: If you are or intend to submit photos of yourself for the album, we request that they be taken by a professional photographer and done in a professional manner. A professional photographer will know the best way to capture you and make you look your best. Please visit my blog (tatemusicdesign.blogspot.com) for more information on taking professional photos.

• Some artists have acquired artwork outside of TMG, and that is acceptable. However, we will need to review it for use in print. We will let you know if it is suitable for print. Some things we look for that would make the artwork unusable would be: low resolution/quality images, pixelated or fuzzy images, images pulled from the web, copyrighted images, poorly designed artwork, unprofessional artwork, etc. If any of these issues are apparent, we will be unable to approve the artwork for use in print.

• Again, any and all artwork related materials must be submitted for review before production can begin.

When You Have Begun the Design Process

• The design process will begin after the recording and mastering phase is completed. Your producer will pass the project over to us once he has received final approval from you on the recordings. They must have your final approval form in hand before they can move you into design.

• You and your designer will have one month to create and complete the full artwork. You will be contacted by a designer at the beginning of the month you are moved into design. They will email you to let you know they will be working with you. You will work one-on-one with them to create the full album design, which includes a front cover, insert with or without lyrics, disc design, and front/back intray. They will send you cover options around the middle of month, and upon your approval of one, they will continue to develop the remaining pieces. They will send those to you around the third week of the month. Upon your approval by the month's end, we will be off to print!

The timely flow of the design process is dependent upon you! We must have your artwork materials submitted before we can begin the production process.

Thank you for your attention to this part of the process and we look forward to working with you in the near future. Congratulations!

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