TMG Artist Spotlight: Mike Calhoun

This week on the TMG artist spotlight we feature Mr. Mike Calhoun, dedicated guitarist who's worked with some of the biggest names in the business. His co-writing on a Grammy Award winning album is sure to secure his name in this fast-paced music scene. Here we catch a glimpse at his thoughts on the music scene.


1. When did you begin singing/performing?
I started playing guitar in high school and playing in clubs in the evenings right out of high school.

2. What inspired you to begin singing/performing?
Songs by the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix inspired me, along with Motown and of course, the girls like you when you play guitar.

3. What kind of hurdles, if any, did you have to go through to be where you are today?
Playing with some of my white friends back in those days became a racial issue with their parents but I overcame this. And getting into clubs at an early age as I was not old enough to drink, trying to look older so I would fit in. People try to take advantage of your talent and you can end up being used.

4. What would you tell other aspiring artists about the music/recording scene?
Educate yourself on the business and if first you don't succeed try, try again and never quit.

5. How would you describe your musical style?
It's very versatile, pop, R&B, inspirational, rock, funk, jazz, etc...

6. What has been your most embarrassing moment singing/performing in front of a large audience?
While playing the guitar, my trousers fell down, so I slowly backed off the stage. Not sure who saw this but I kept on playing.

7. Do you prefer the studio or the stage? Why?
The stage of course, when I have a good belt on. I love the interaction of the crowd as I'm known to be a crowd pleaser in large circles. I love to perform. To perform onstage at the "Topping Off" ceremony at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Jerry Lee Lewis and Bobby Womack was history making. However, the studio is great also, as this brings out the creative side of me. Recording records for Motown, MCA, Island and 20th Century Fox/RCA records was the thrill of my life, working with Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind and Fire, Eddie LeVert (The Ojays), Gerald LeVert, and of course the master, Berry Gordy. To have my name on a Grammy Award Winning record on the Motown label (I co-wrote the flipside of "Let It Whip" by the Dazz Band) is truly a blessing.

8. Have you started writing your next album?
I have three full CDs written, recorded and mixed already just waiting for distribution.

9. Do you have any gigs lined up in the near future? If so, where?
Upon the release of "The One", I have a number of bookings awaiting me. The House of Blues (Cleveland) has been on my schedule for the past two years, and (God willing) will continue to be.

soultracks.com (artist information)

E-mail address - mikecalzone@sbcglobal.net

Thanks Mike!

Be sure to catch this jazzy hit when it debuts on May 5, 2009!

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